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Saturday, August 16, 2003
very important...like ur dad

so0o0o0o i havent updated in a while...eh its not like any one reads this anyways...
lets see.....nope nothing comes to mind
oh no...im getting something here borris....OK i went to the beach with kacie on wed and we covered her brother in sand and made him into a mermaid and then we body surfed/ boogi borded the whole time we were in the water :) :) i love it...neways ummm i saw alll of my boyfriends....damn they just keep coming!!! umm what elllse we threw the football around and had to crawl to it and whoever grabbed it first one...HAHA WOOOOOOOW WERE LOSERS!! we were glad no one from our school was there...but they would expect to see us doing that so its all good...what else...nothing...BUT i do have to say this...JUICE BOXES UP KIDS!!!
yesterday was friday and i went food shopping for camppppy campersons with sonia courtney and danielle....we got ice cream at mcdonalds and i had to get out of the car at the drive through to get it caus courtney has never driven up to a drive through b4 sooooo th guy asked if i ws lost n i was like no im a fool and im getting the food...ok i took out the fool part...but umm yea then we had practice then i went to jillys house... she gave me a pedicure and my toe nails are babyblue...but its bright haha oh well...ummm we gave eachother makeovers...she washed my hair and dried it and i straightened her hair annnnnnnd ummmm then i put on her dress that she wore when she was in 5th grade....sooo that was...ok to far away for me to count n she put on dress and we showed it to her mom...oh by the way it was her moms bday yesterday!!! rite so we told her mom we were going to the prom....NEWAYS then we went swimming around 11 30 and there was steam coming off the water anddddd we played...ok we TRIED  to play volleyball...annnd then i fell asleep around 2 when we were watching some movie...i fell asleep in the first minute opps

oh yea yesterday i spent all day packing too....and today i was packing....and tomorrow im gooooooing tooo.....BLUE MOUNTAIN CROSS COUNTRY CAMP!! oh so i just weighed myself before and im 90.5 pounds...SCORE!!! sooo when i get back iwill unfortantly have lost weight///sheesh im going into 10th grade and im only 90 pounds...but im gunna b less then that on friday...WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO!!! oh crap i forgot my shirt got ruined n my mom told me to take it out of the machine when this timer thing went off...it prob went off a while ago...so im gunna go and take it out of the wash and then pack some more and then shower and then babysit then sleep then wake up then go to CAMP TILL FRIDAY!

Posted at 02:42 pm by i_em_god
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Thursday, August 07, 2003
update on my life...update on ur face!!! woah

ok so im a little hyperrrr andddd umm whats the update??
i got my hair cut!...1 inch cut off though...neways i wanted to get a layer or two and i was so scared caus the last time i got layers the lady chopped off my hair n i hated it....neways so i was sitting in my chair my heart was beating soooo fast i was soo scared i really was...i wanted to yell at the lady n ask her what she was thinking n y she agreed to give me layers hah...yea neways it looks fine i like it haha

me n sonia came to practice with a dress on caus we live up to our word n ashley n norma werent wearing there dress!!! those tuuuuurds...neways we took them off after we ran 2 laps around the track n then we put them on again when we did stations...sonia was so excited pat drove us home.....
this is an upseting thought pats leaving for college soon!!! on the 31...wow this is so weird my first brother off to college...to bad we dont talk....and miller n galy n alica and oh nooo im gunna have no friends when they go to college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok neways i got the new aol 9.0 im so excited but then again im verrry easily amused...its cool though i swear it is u should download it...natalie was excited when she downloaded it...ok im out i feel so popular...as i typed this i got 6 IMs

Posted at 10:46 pm by i_em_god
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Saturday, August 02, 2003

i hate having to make a title its so much work!

my da (grandpa) came over today n then i went to the mall with miller around 8 30....i saw one of my many boyfriends...he was driving a station wagon n had dread locks and he asked miller for directions n we sent him the wrong way by accident! we felt so bad n then we thought he was out to get us kinda ish....n then i got a white skirt n then we left n i drove her car in the hs parking lot IM AN AMAAAAAZING driver lemme tell u that!!! then we came back to my house n watched some of HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS n then she left n now here i am

sam asked me to come over she wanted to do pilates she said she got the video today haha but i had plans already with miller

i have to ask this...why do i write in this when i have nothing good to say? yea i dont know ether

Posted at 11:23 pm by i_em_god
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Friday, August 01, 2003
bowling is fun

i had a lot of fun bowling tonight with the xc team....lets see im a horrible bowler, sonia is really funny caus of how dumb she is, i cant wait till camp, andd i love how we were playing games ie (i said ie haha wat a funny word) the state game, 2 up 2 down, and those other games and i didnt know how to play some of them but every1 wouod tell me how to play but they wouldnt tell ne1 else annnnd my bowling team gets to wear a dress to practice caus we lost  i cant wait its gunna b so funny


me n chelsea n sonia are rooming together at camp n we have it all figured out....we have to check in at 12...me n chelsea are getting there earlier then that so me sonia n chelsea can all have a top bunk caus were cool...yea sooo15 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes and 20 seconds till blue mountain 2003

i cant wait haha its gunna b so fun!!!

Posted at 09:15 pm by i_em_god
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aw man its early....i have to get tutored in a half hour and i dont want to...later today im going to the orthodontist and there DEFINATLY going to say i need braces again   my retainer doesnt fit me at all its horrible

jillys going to vegas tonight and kacies going to hawaii tomorrow they better bring me back a funny shirt...kacie said she was gunna so im excited

tonight for xc practice we get to go BOWLING!!! im so excited caus i suck

Posted at 09:15 am by i_em_god
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Thursday, July 31, 2003
first entry

ok so this is exciting...i decided i dont want to use xanga because i like using new things n this is new. rite so ummm humm....ok today i went to the pool for an hour n  then me n kacie went to her house....we walked to some persons house she babysits for to feed there cats and we got locked out!! it would be fine but our shoes were inside! haha but this part makes it better its all kacies fault we were out on the deck n i asked her if i should shut it and she said yes   she didnt tell me to lkeave it partially open...but since when do sliding doors lock when u shut it?!?!!?!! bastards whoever made that stupid door....so now my sandals are at there house n i want to know what the people said to kacie oh and the cat is stuck in the wall dont ask i dont feel like explaining it caus my mom made me explain it to her n my dad n that was to much explaining in 1 day. at the swim team party the guys started playing "male hunt" instead of man hunt n they wouldnt let me n alaina play so we told kelly n then we did awards so then we changed it into "gender hunt" but the little kids are annoying so it didnt work n all they did was run for like...1 second n then that was it IT WAS GAY! ok i think im done for now....peace ill b back later to make this thang better

Posted at 10:26 am by i_em_god
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