Entry: update on my life...update on ur face!!! woah Thursday, August 07, 2003

ok so im a little hyperrrr andddd umm whats the update??
i got my hair cut!...1 inch cut off though...neways i wanted to get a layer or two and i was so scared caus the last time i got layers the lady chopped off my hair n i hated it....neways so i was sitting in my chair my heart was beating soooo fast i was soo scared i really was...i wanted to yell at the lady n ask her what she was thinking n y she agreed to give me layers hah...yea neways it looks fine i like it haha

me n sonia came to practice with a dress on caus we live up to our word n ashley n norma werent wearing there dress!!! those tuuuuurds...neways we took them off after we ran 2 laps around the track n then we put them on again when we did stations...sonia was so excited pat drove us home.....
this is an upseting thought pats leaving for college soon!!! on the 31...wow this is so weird my first brother off to college...to bad we dont talk....and miller n galy n alica and oh nooo im gunna have no friends when they go to college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok neways i got the new aol 9.0 im so excited but then again im verrry easily amused...its cool though i swear it is u should download it...natalie was excited when she downloaded it...ok im out i feel so popular...as i typed this i got 6 IMs


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