blake » i like u
blake » hi
Sean » hi cooleen its your cuz
shannon » coool beach is fun
shannon » does ur brother no who his roommate is yet?
shannon » ha ha ur upset that pats leaving??? im not upset at all that kristens leaving, hell im so excited!
shannon » it was cool and i found this bed set that i really really like
shannon » oops um i went to the brandy new ikea
shannon » hey guess wat :-s
shannon » u no wen ur making an entry... where are all the buttons ont the side of the page??? theyr not there!!!
colleen » i find it much easier it all like WOAH THIS IS EASY!
shannon » xanga was so much easier
shannon » and im like tech impared so i dont no how to make this all cool
shannon » none of the buttons are showing up on this site
shannon » colleen i need ur help
kelseylovesyou » Bowling is fun, indeed. I don't do it much, though. Nice blog.
colleen » im cool
shannon » woaw this is cool
colleen » isnt it? who are u mr anonymous
Anonymous » Nice blog
colleen » i like it u dont have to press update to see every1s message like in xanga...bastards
colleen » yea u do!
giselle » um im first and i kick ass
.. » whats this?